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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Electrochemistry

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Visit to the
Festival of Lights in Berlin


Spent some quality group time together
eating out at a restaurant
and observing the beautifully lit
landmarks of Berlin's city center.


Starting at Senefelderplatz,
walking through the famous
Museum Island and by the Opera,
visiting the Brandenburg Gate,
and finishing at Potsdamer Platz,
the evening was a great opportunity to talk
and share a few laughs outside the workplace.







Hiking trip near
Wiesenburg (Mark)


Went on a fun and quite long hiking trip
on the internatinal art trail!


20 km through a forest,
eating at a restaurant outdoors,
visiting a really old café, and testing
different ice cream flavours -
all in all, a great day! =)







Evening out with the group

Went to a nice German restaurant, talked and laughed a lot =)
Then ended the evening in a pub by playing cards!









Carnival in Jena

Had fun at the carnival in Jena, ate some cotton candy and rode the Farris wheel.