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Master of Education (Chemistry)

At Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, studies in the Master's program for teaching are organized in independent courses. Students can specialize in selected content areas of chemistry, which are ideally linked to the content of the schools’ curricula. However, the School Term is in focus of the Master's program, i.e. a stay of several months at schools during the third term. The stay is intensively prepared beforehand by explaining the theory-driven planning of chemistry lessons, the implementation of school experiments, and by showcasing considerate specialist advice as an instrument of professional development in the teaching profession in practical scenarios. The Institute of Chemistry expressly supports the completion of School Terms at schools abroad (Practical Training Abroad), so that students can gather far-reaching experiences for the teaching profession. In the fourth term, the degree program concludes with the preparation of a Master's thesis: A question from the chemistry education research perspective is examined in more detail and empirically examined for its effects on teaching/learning processes.


  • With the completion of the Master of Education, students may apply for the preparatory service at schools (Referendariat) as well as take up a doctorate for in-depth research activities in chemistry education.
  • The Institute of Chemistry offers a structured course of study, which provides for a start in the winter semester and enables a degree in the scheduled standard period of study.
  • The courses offered by the institute are aimed at students of the chemistry teaching profession with a focus on grammar school as well as students of the primary school teaching profession with natural sciences as an optional subject.


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