Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Department of Chemistry


Photochemistry of transition metal complexes: LF transitions – photodecarbonylation – photodissociation – MLCT transitions – photooxidations – LMCT transitions – IL transitions.

Classification of reactions and reaction pathways of transition metal complexes: Redox reactions (inner sphere and outer sphere reactions – Marcus theory). Substitution reactions (dissociative (D), associative (A) and interchange (I) pathways of tetrahedral, square-planar and octahedral complexes – trans-effect).

Carbonyl complexes: Structures – syntheses. Reactions (thermal and photochemical decarbonylation – disproportionation – oxidative decarbonylation – nucleophilic and electrophilic aditions).

Carbene complexes: Structures – syntheses (Fischer-Type and Schrock-type carbene complexes). Reactions of Fischer-type carbene complexes (nucleophilic addition -cyclopropanation – Dötz-reaction – Synthesis gas chemistry – CO methanation –Methanol synthesis). Reactions of Schrock-type carbene complexes (electrophilic additions – Tebbe-reagent – olefin metathesis – ROMP).


Sandwich complexes with arene ligands.

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