Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Department of Chemistry

Law and Safety Regulations for Chemists

Law norms and law sources.
Chemistry and "The facts of the case".

Law and legislation in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Jurisdiction and the court system in Germany.
Private and public law.
Laws, ordinances, statutes, administrative orders, standard agreements.
The relations between state and right - What means justice?

Essential laws for handling harmful chemicals.
Environmental law.
The Chemikaliengesetz (ChemG) : its basic instruments and terms, the testing procedures, packing and characterization regulations, protection of the population, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).
The Gefahrstoffverordnung (GefStoffV) .

International agreements, e.g. the "Dirty dozen".
Global distillation, pesticides, PAH's, dioxines, the Seveso accident, the Montreal protocol, ...
Regulations for the handling of harmful chemicals besides the ChemG.
Rights, duties, and responsabilities of a laboratory head.


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