Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Department of Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry

Global Aspects of climate Change, 14C dating, development of the atmosphere, cycles of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, halogens, greenhouse effect, energy balance, simple quantitative models, atmospheric chemistry, ozone chemistry, organics in the atmosphere, particles and aerosoles, stratopheric chemistry, smog.

Water cycles, global water exchange, El Nino events, ground water streams, chemistry in surface water.

Soil chemistry, deterioration of chemical in soil and groundwater.

Sutainable industrial processes; production - integrated environment protection and waste management in the chemical industry; concepts of environmental protection;
safety of processes, risk - analysis and management.

Incineration - processes and flue - gas cleaning; recycling of residues;
examples from chlorine-chemistry, sulfur - chemistry and others

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Onken / Behr Chemische Prozeßkunde VCH
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The material of the lectures is available on CD