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Advanced Organic Chemistry - Synthesis

Asymmetric Synthesis: General principles, auxiliary techniques, asymmetric catalysis, asymmetric reagents, amplification of chirality, double asymmetric induction, asymmetric introduction of oxygen atoms in alkenes, asymmetric reduction of ketones, examples of asymmetric synthesis are included in most of the other chapters.

Organometallics in Organic Synthesis: Organolithium and organomagnesium compounds, organozinc compounds, organocopper compounds.

Pd-Catalysed coupling reactions: Heck-reaction, Suzuki-coupling, Stille-coupling, Negishi-coupling, Songashira-coupling, Kumada-coupling, Hiyama-reaction, Trost-reaction, coupling with allyl-Pd-complexes, substitution reactions (Buchwald, Hartwig).

Selective Aldol Reactions: Selective formation of enolates, directed aldol reaction, diastereoselective aldol reactions, diasteriofacial selectivity, organocatalysis, diasterotopic aldol-reaction.

Boron Compounds in Organic Synthesis: Synthesis of organoboranes, application of organoboranes in organic synthesis, chiral boranes.

Silicon Compounds in Organic Synthesis.

Synthesis of alkenes by C-C-bond formation: Tebbe-reagent, Takai-Lombardo reaction, Peterson olefination, Julia-Lythgoe-reaction, olefin metathesis.

Application of Radicals in Organic synthesis: Methods of generation of radicals, stability and reactivity of radicals, addition reactions, cyclisation reactions, application of Sn-, Co-, Si-Hg-compounds, Barton esters, xanthogenates, Mn (III), SmI2, tandem reactions, stereoselectivity.

Modern reagents in organic synthesis.

Selected examples of synthesis of natural products: Prostaglandine, estrone.

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