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Selected Organometallics in Organic Synthesis

Why organometallic synthetic chemistry?

Lithium compounds: Recent developments - handling and applications.

Organomagnesium compounds - carbomagnesation -enantioselective carbomagnesation - Cu-catalyzed 1.4-addition with Grignard reagents - Kulinkovich reaction.

Organoboron chemistry - preparation of organoboron compounds - hydroboration - metal catalyzed hydroboration - chiral organoboranes - alkylation of carbonyl compounds - homoallylic alcohols via allylboranes.

Organoaluminium compounds - reactivity - mobility of ligands - oxygenophilicity - reactivity of ate complexes - hydroalumination - carboalumination - stereoselectivity in alkylation processes of carbonyl compounds - reactions with epoxides - 1.4-addition.

Hydrozirconation - ring forming and ring opening reactions - acyl zirconocenes - reactions with aldehydes- 1.2 and 1.4-additions - enantioselective palladium catalyzed additions - MOP - allylation.

Titanium(IV)-alkoxides, amides - regio- and stereoselectivity in alkylation reactions,
titanium(IV)-allylcomplexes - Kulinkovic-reaction - olefin metathesis.

Palladium(II) - complexes: additions of oxygen, carbon and nitrogen nucleophiles, allylic rearrangements - ortho-palladation - cycloisomerization.

Palladium(0) - complexes: transmetallation -oxydative addition - insertion reactions - allylic alkylation.

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