Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Department of Chemistry


Introduction to Photochemistry: Electronically excited states, absorption and emission of light, photophysical processes, quantum yields, photoinduced electron transfer, techniques of photochemistry, factors influencing the course of photochemical reactions.

Applications of photochemistry: photoresists, photochromic compounds, photoremovable groups.

Theoretical concepts in photochemistry: Biradicals and their role in photochemistry, conical intersections, electron correlation methods, configuration interaction, multi reference configuration interaction methods

Preparative organic photochemistry: Photochemistry of ketones, norrish type reactions, Paterno-Büchi-Reaction, photochemistry of enones, singlet dioxygen, En-Reaction, cycloaddition reaction.

Modern methods of diagnostics: Time resolved spectroscopy, femtochemistry,

Biological photochemistry: Aspects of photosynthesis, photochemistry of vision, photochemistry of nucleotides.

Practical Training: Photoreaction in an analytical scale, photoreaction an a preparative scale, time resolved absorption spectroscopy, time resolved fluorescence spectroscopy, computational exercises,

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