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A Golden Macrocyclization

A phenylene macrocycle was synthesized and utilized as subunit to construct a fourfold Gold(I) metallacycle. The formation of the gold complex shows  size-selectivity compared to an alternative route using platinum(II) corner motifs. Upon reductive elimination a large carbon nanoring was obtained. Investigation as a host for the complexation of large guest molecules was accomplished and revealed high association constants for [6]cycloparaphenylene, fullerene C60, and the larger fullerene C70.




Niklas Grabicki, Sergey Fisher, Oliver Dumele* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2023, e202217917. A Fourfold Gold(I)−Aryl Macrocycle with Hyperbolic Geometry and its Reductive Elimination to a Carbon Nanoring Host.




Dr. Oliver Dumele leitet eine unabhängige Forschungsgruppe im Labor für organische Chemie und funktionale Materialien der HU Berlin.

Twitter: @DumeleLab