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Bestowal of the Edith Flanigen Award 2014

The collaborative research center 1109 has bestowed the first Edith Flanigen Award to Dr. Natacha Krins, Laboratoire de la Chimie Condensée de Paris.


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Dr. Krins holds a Master of Chemistry and Material Science (2006) together with a PhD in Material Science (2009) both obtained at the University of Liège, Belgium. She carried out a one year postdoc in inorganic chemistry at Paris (LCMCP, College de France).  In 2011, supported by fellowships from the Fulbright Program and two Belgian Science Foundations (FRS-FNRS and WBI-World), she pursued her postdoctoral research for three more years at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA, where she collaborated simultaneously with two groups focussing on battery and nano science. In November 2013, she joined the electrochemistry team of LCMCP (Paris, France) where she intends to remain, following a one year probation, as Assistant Professor at the University Pierre et Marie Curie, (Paris, France).

Abb. Natasha Krins

Research Interests

Her interest is to develop innovative electrode materials for energy storage and conversion applications, creating architectured transition metal oxide nanocomposites at the nanoscale combining sol-gel chemistry and various processing techniques like dip-coating or electrospinning. She seeks to understand the influence of the electrode design and the role of interfaces on the electrical material properties and device performances.



The award winner was honored at the 10th of October 2014 in the conference room of the Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum, Berlin-Adlershof. The celebrating lecture was held by Prof. Luisa De Cola, Université de Strasbourg.

Abb. Xenia Krüger

Before the lecture of the awardee on "Architectured nanomaterials for Li-ion batteries", Edith M. Flanigen herself gave an introductory speech reflecting her career in industrial chemistry. By selecting her name for the award the CRC 1109 also intends to honor her contribution to the field of metal oxide chemistry.

Abb. Xenia Krüger

Edith Flanigen performed groundbreaking work on molecular sieves (for instance she has significantly contributed to the development of zeolite Y and pioneered the IR spectroscopic analysis of zeolites) at a time when women were rarely found working in highly complex scientific careers.