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  Dr. Claudio Greco

Short CV:

  • Nov. 2004: MSc in Industrial Biotechnology (University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy)
  • Dec. 2007: PhD in Chemistry (University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy; Scientific advisor: Prof. Luca De Gioia)
  • Jan. 2008 - Apr. 2009: Postdoctoral research and Humboldt Fellowship at the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Vlasta Bonačić-Koutecký (Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin)
  • May 2009 - Apr. 2011: Postdoctoral research at the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Luca De Gioia (University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy)
  • May 2011 - present: Junior Research Group Leader at the Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin, within the Cluster of Excellence for catalysis Uni-Cat


Dr. Claudio Greco

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