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Lipophilic nucleosides and oligonucleotides have received broad interest.Because of their amphiphilic properties they can form interesting supramolecular structures, such as monolayer films, micelles and/or vesicles, organogels or multilamellar layers. Normally their nucleobases are exposed to the aqueous phase, and they potentially can form complementary Watson–Crick base pairs. The lipophilic substituent can also act as an anchor for fixing lipophilic nucleosides or oligonucleotides in biocompatible lipid membranes, again by exposing the nucleotides to the aqueous phase. Recently we could show that nucleosides with lipid moieties linked to the nucleobase anchor in giant unilamellar vesicles (GUVs) and large unilamellar vesicles (LUVs) composed of unilamellar phospholipid bilayers. Oligonucleotides with two of such lipophilic nucleotides incorporated into the nucleotide chain anchor in both, GUVs and LUVs and were shown to form double-strand DNAs with complementary oligonucleotides in solution.


Our work is focussed on the Synthesis of New Nucleolipides, for incorporation in Biocompatible Lipid Membran and for the Synthesis of lipophilic DNA.

nucleolipids 1


Nucleolipids – Synthesis, Supramolecular Behavior, Membrane Anchoring, Nanobiotechnological Application

nucleolipids 2


Surface-functionalized LUV´s

nucleolipids 3
nucleolipids 4


nucleolipids 5


LBL-capsules covered with different layers of GUV´s based on recognition of complementary lipidated oligonucleotides

nucleolipids 6


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