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October 2023

Marvin Stutz.jpg
Marvin Björn Stutz defended his doctoral thesis on "Studies on the Wittig reaction with formation of active substances on oligonucleotides". with magna cum laude.
February 2023


Sophie Schöllkopf.jpg


Sophie Schöllkopf defended her doctoral thesis on the topic "Dual Dye-Enhanced FIT2 Probes for Sequence-Specific detection of RNA" with magna cum laude. 

 July 2023


Verteidigung Dino Gluhacevic.jpg


Dino Gluhacevic von Krüchten presented his doctoral thesis on "Achieving High Catalytic Efficiency in Nucleic Acid-Templated Reactions via a Loss-of-Affinity Principle" and defended it with summa cum laude.

June 2022

Dino Gluhacevic's and Magdalena Roth's paper is online. Congratulations! They introduce a loss-of-affinity principle to increase the catalytic efficiency of DNA-templated reactions.

 September 2022


Richard Houska defended his doctoral thesis on "RNA-templated synthesis of Bcr-Abl tyrosine kinase inhibitors" with "magna cum laude".Congratulations!



June 2022

Check out the epic review from Tim Bilbrough and Emanuele Piemontese on protein phosphorylation, which just got published in Chemical Society Reviews:

February 2022


Yannic Altrichter defended his doctoral thesis on "Conditional synthesis and synergistic amplification of Smac-mimetic peptides with nucleic acids" with an excellent presentation and received a well-deserved "summa cum laude".
May 2022


Magdalena Roth defended her doctoral thesis on "RNA controlled phosphate cleavage reactions of nucleic acids" with "magna cum laude".Congratulations!


October 2021
Natalia Loibl.jpg   
Natalia Loibl defended her PhD thesis on "Monitoring of microRNA maturation and its inhibition in living cells" .

Check how coiled coil-mediated covalent protein labeling has helped elucidate internalization of the chemerin receptor GPR1. Read:


Saparmyrat Annamedov.jpg


Saparmyrat Annamadov just arrived in our team. We are happy to have you. Sapar will be working on nucleic acid catalyzed cleavage reactions.




September 2021
Magdalena's paper on a self-immolative molecular beacon just appeared. Congratulations Magdalena!


Paper Magdalena Roth.jpg


Read if you want to learn about a Molecular Beacon that self-distructs when exposed to blue light in presence of a DNA/RNA target.

Congrats Richard and Marvin. Your report on a RNA-templated benzanilide synthesis of a cancer drug derivative got published.
Paper Houska_Stutz.jpg

Read for more details

July 2021

Congratulation Georgie!




Your paper on othogonal PNA tagging of protein on live cells got published. Thanks also to Katharina, Marc, Michael and Sebastion for your invaluable contributions. View the article:


Congratulation Yannic!





June 2021


Henrik Petszulat.png

Henrik Petszulat successfully defended his PhD thesis on fluorogenic peptide ligation reactions.


Congratulation Olaf and Sebastian!




Your great work on our new ligation auxiliary got published in Angewandte Chemie.

This is the first auxiliary which promotes native chemical ligation by base catalysis. Read the ASAP version: