Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - NMR Spectroscopy

AVANCE II 300MHz (samplechanger)



Foto: Jana Hildebrandt





After an introductory instruction by the NMR service personnel all employees, phd students, Bachelor and Master students are allowed to measure at the 300 MHz DPX spectrometer on their own. Please get in contact with Jana Hildebrandt for an introduction.


The Autosampler is accessible 24/7. Exception: Mo and Tu 8am-9am. Measurements that take longer than an hour per sample, are automatically measured overnight.


For all samples the instructions for sample preparation have to followed.



At the autosampler the following experiments are possible:


1D: 1H, 13C, DEPT, APT, 19F, 31P

2D homonuklear: H,H-COSY, H,H-TOCSY, H,H-NOESY, H,H-ROESY

2D heteronuklear: H,C-HSQC, H,C-HMBC,


For the low temperature measurements a separate instruction course by the NMR service personnel is mandatory. Please get in contact with Dr. Dallmann.


The current queue of the Autosampler can be viewed here online with the  login-details service/guest. Furthermore, necessary maintenance work, where the autosampler is unavailable will be marked in the calendar.