Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - NMR Spectroscopy

sample preparation

To obtain a high quality measurement as well as to ensure a smoothly running NMR service below instructions have to be followed:


  1. The samples have to be dissolved in deuterated solvents.
  2. The NMR-tubes should have a diameter of 5mm and a minimum length of 17cm (without cap). Additionally they should not have any glass defects.
  3. Minimum filling height is 6cm (0.75ml).
  4. The concentration of the sample should be at least 0.01 mol/l for 1H- and about 0.1 mol/l for 13C-measurements.
  5. The samples should be free from any sedimentations, possibly requiring filtration of the sample prior to measurement.
  6. The sample tube has to be identifiable, that means the short-form of your group as well as the sample name have to be noted on the tube visibly and LEGIBLY!!!
  7. Samples to be submitted for the NMR service have to have a flag attached to them with the sample name. Additionally, the sample request form (Auftragsschein) has to be filled out and submitted together with the sample.


Photo: Jana Hildebrandt
Photo: Jana Hildebrandt