Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - NMR Spectroscopy

AVANCE III 500MHz (service)



At the 500 MHz spectrometer the NMR service personnel is measuring the samples.
In order to submit samples to the NMR service, an NMR service request form (Auftragsschein) has to be completed and the instructions for sample preparation have to followed.


Samples for the NMR service can be submitted at any time by placing them in the cupboard on the hallway between rooms 0'107 und 0'108. The samples will be processed during the following measurement times:


Mo - Th:  9:00 to 15:30

Fr :         9:00 to 14:30


At the 500 MHz spectrometer the following experiments are possible:


1D:  1H, 13C, DEPT, APT, 19F, 31P, 7Li, 11B, 27Al, 29Si, 77Se, 119Sn

2D homonuklear: H,H-COSY, H,H-TOCSY, H,H-NOESY, H,H-ROESY

2D heteronuklear: H,C-HSQC, H,C-HMBC, H,Si-HMBC


Custom measurements are possible, as well as implementing nuclei not listed. Please get in contact with Dr. Dallmann.